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Looking into the mirror, I saw my eye illuminated by a ray of

sun which revealed extraordinary irregularities.


Captivated by the ressemblance with the celestial objects, I explore, like a 

virgin territory, each iris that approaches me : a milky stream, a tangle of silk, 

valleys, precipices, a constellation of obstacles, caves, inviting craters, whose

transient nature moves me like a mirage.

Each portrait is unique, fascinating by its complexity while remaining apparently simple.

Mirror of the soul, these nebulae take us into indescribable adventures alternating among

chaotic whirlwinds, tumultuous turbulences, and the misleading calm of the marshes.

Strange or familiar forms seem to emerge from an unspeakable nature or to the contrary

from a world very real : one can lose oneself in the wrinkled depth of the sea or in the flames

of hell, caress the vision of the feathers of a bird or depose the heart of a flower.

It is a game of deep hypnotique sublimation of these planets that I share my 

fascination, and my pleasure in revealing the details of identities which we think are 


Since I have entered this territory, I no longer look at the other

as I used to.




Marie Fonterme

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