Born into a family of several generations of

devoted artists, I naturally inherited this sensitivity to

colours, materials and textures.


A self taught designer for a manufacturer of silks "Haute Couture",

I develop my creativity using noble fabrics and imagining original designs,

searching most of all subtle harmonies, eclectics mixes of materials and

technical innovation for scarves and fabrics. 

As Director of the creative department, I explore the different ways of treating

fabric to become noble material through : printing, weaving, choice of threads,

embroidery, pleating, colour manipulation, and sparkles to create an identity for each

piece so that it is exceptional.


In parallel to my work, I discover that the imprint of identity in the iris, that I observed in 

the  universe of the infinitely small found in the eyes of people I am closed to exists, as

by magic, in this infinitely large universe of sky and earth, and in particular, that of the

unique constellation of the planets. This new passion obsesses me : sublimate this star

of the body, the eye, which is our precious contemporary identity.

I work the object with emotion, observing and reproducing its beauty and

uniqueness. The technique transmits the transparency and the impalpable.

The pallet is infinite with possibilities. The eye's appearance with its

complex combinations are a source of inexhaustible inspiration.


I live and work between Lyon and Paris.



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Marie Fonterme